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Add-in (plug-in) for MS Word which makes easier the work with chemical and mathematical formulas
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Dmitry O Kharutskiy
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18 December 2009

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For all those who are into the profession of teaching and students studying mathematics, chemistry etc. and often found tedious equations get into their nerves, can now sigh a relief with EquPixy 2.1. The EquPixy is a brilliant application designed to aid you in dealing with various kinds of mathematical as well as chemical equations and formulas. The way you represent the equations or formulas on your note books are pretty difficult to represent them the same way on MS Office. But this utility with its amazing function will enable you to write the complex of formula with all sorts of denominations, radicals, degrees etc. with bare minimum efforts. The entire interface is filled with rich texts and has got a full collection of Greek letters and many equations plus it has also got settings much like MS Word that will help you to adjust fonts and alignments together with numerous other adjusting options. So you won’t find any trouble working with this tool.

EquPixy is developed with the advanced algorithms that enable it to perform some of the most essential tasks effectively. As you will start working with this utility you will very well discover that it identifies any chemical equations in a quick time and convert the various numbers as subscripts or superscripts depending upon the molecules, atoms or ions mentioned in the chemical equation. It offers the function for writing letters for the equation depending upon the length of the time you keep pushing the key of your key board. That means longer you will hold the key of your keyboard it will be a lowercase letter, else it will be an uppercase letter.

Ability to check the validity of an equation of chemistry, identifying the reaction condition and numerous kinds of mathematical symbols with Greek symbols are some of the other features it holds for which we rate it with a score of four points.

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For the set of chemical elements (Ba, Sr, Ca and so on) there is a function enabling to print capital and small letters without switching by "Shift" and "Caps Lock" keys. Figures specifying the number of atoms in chemical formula (H2SO4) are automatically made subscripts, and atom's oxidation figures and ion charges – superscripts. At rearrangement of chemical equation "=" sign can be substituted by an arrow. It is possible to insert arrows with frequent reaction conditions or to form your own ones, it also possible to add additional information ((s), (l), (g) and so on) which can be edited. There is a function of checking chemical equation in relation to the number of elements from the right and from the left. Functions for the work with mathematical formulas enable to rearrange mathematical formula of one line into the formula with full numerators, denominators, radicals and degrees by using single keystroke.
Version 2.1
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